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My computer broke

2011-05-13 18:01:22 by DP

Yeah I haven't been on here for like two weeks because my computer's hard drive broke and I had to send it to shop and get a completely new hard drive.

I come here for the first time in two weeks and I see that my name was finally changed from DP36 to just plain DP, which is great.

Well, I'm back.

There's a Heaven for a G

2011-04-16 19:39:10 by DP

but life goes on...

Fuck a War

2011-03-15 22:07:31 by DP

I ain't going to war for a shit talkin' president, fuck, fuck, fuck a war!

Fuck a War

No one ever reads this.

2011-02-28 21:13:32 by DP

Ever, and yet I still grace your ears with incredible music.


2011-02-22 20:05:50 by DP

Haha, yeah.

Not Much Has

2011-02-04 19:07:54 by DP

Been going on with me lately, how about you?

Also this

Thread of Year

Hey Guys!

2011-01-12 18:46:59 by DP

Lets go get stoned!

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No one reads this.

2011-01-06 18:18:26 by DP

No one reads this anyways, so I am just gonna talk about blowing goats.

Man I sure do love blowing goats, and sometimes sheep, but that's not the subject.

This Song

2010-12-23 14:28:10 by DP

Needs a music video, don't you think?

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Hey guys

2010-11-15 14:07:11 by DP

What's up?

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This was my post count and i thought that it was related somehow.

Hey guys